Acupuncture Kelowna Experts Treat Heavy Periods; a Sign of a Health Imbalance

Acupuncture is an ancient healing technique of traditional Chinese medicine. Its very safety and efficacy for treating a host of medical conditions has meant is being as popular today as it was then. It is effective for treating ailments such as migraine, back pain, allergies, arthritis and gynecological problems such as heavy periods or menorrhagia, where clothes and bedding are soaked with blood. To alleviate problems like this, acupuncturists are highly sought after to relieve symptoms and pain. In fact clinical guidelines from various countries around the world have found that acupuncture is helpful in treating a broad range of conditions. The women folk of Kelowna, a city on Okanagan Lake, British Columbia, Canada are no different, and they deal with irregular menstruation, heavy menstrual flows, cramping, skipped periods and short menstrual cycles. Acupuncture Kelowna experts run centers where acupuncture is offered along with herbal treatments. The experts suggest a change of diet and lifestyle and they help you achieve your goals. With registered doctors of Chinese Traditional Medicine, they treat a range of ailments, and provide their services in a professional and caring way.

Insurance Policies are even Recognizing the benefits of Acupuncture
Because of consumer demand, there are more and more insurance policies which are including acupuncture simply because of its cost effectiveness as a treatment. Completely safe and useful when performed by skilled Acupuncture Kelowna practitioners, sterile needles are inserted into specific points on the skin. The idea is to regulate the body’s Qi or life energy which flows in the body’s meridians. All the body’s functions are improved and natural healing is encouraged.

What causes Heavy Periods?
Heavy periods can be caused by any number of things such as fibroids, hormonal imbalance, uterine cancer or even hypothyroidism, endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease. Instead of looking at surgical procedures, Chinese medicine and acupuncture aims to bring about balance to reproductive hormone levels. Acupuncture aims to deal with the reasons that are causing your heavy bleeding which results in periods lasting far longer than the regular 3 – 5 days.  By stimulating certain points, Acupuncture Kelowna specialists work to reset those signals from the brain to the area of your body which is malfunctioning, correcting Qi and re-establishing balance in that area. The relief can be enormous with the elimination of pain and heavy blood-flow.

How Long is the Required Treatment?
A course of treatment for someone suffering with heavy periods will last about three months and you may be required to come once a week. Reducing heavy and painful periods is successfully treated by acupuncture Kelowna specialists, and lessening of symptoms can be expected already in the first month of treatment.  A trained, reputable acupuncturist will also look at your diet and make suggestions.

The number of treatments you will require will depend on your condition and its severity. After just a few sessions, people already start seeing an improvement, with the idea being to restore the natural balance of energy inside the body. Once this balance is restored, you won’t require further treatments as the body is able to care for itself. After a session with your acupuncturist, you will feel relaxed, but each person has different responses, with symptoms sometime worsening before they improve.

Restore Your Enjoyment of Life
Heavy menstrual periods can take their toll on a woman’s health and can lead to anemia, among other more serious problems. When you have such a safe and effective way of treating Menorrhagia, isn’t it time you contacted acupuncture Kelowna practitioners to bring your discomfort to an end? With acupuncture your joy in life will be restored.

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