The Amazing Therapy Acupuncture Treats Pain Effectively

Originating from China, acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years and today this therapy is a widely practiced and accepted form of complementary medicine. It was a Dutch doctor who first introduced this kind of treatment in 1683 after he spent a number of years in Nagasaki, Japan, and in fact the first edition of the well known medical publication ‘The Lancet’ featured a detailed account of the effectiveness of this form of complementary treatment of rheumatism. Much later, in 1979 the World Health Organization listed some 40 major diseases and hundreds of conditions which can be treated in this way.

A Host of Unpleasant Conditions can be Treated
Acupuncture is effective in treating the following conditions; some of which can be quite debilitating: rheumatism, arthritis, respiratory problems, migraine, back ache, menstrual imbalances, allergies, digestive disturbances, anxiety, palpitations, mental and emotional problems as well as sinusitis and tinnitus, among others.

The Body’s Healing Process is Stimulated
Being pricked with needles aims to stimulate the healing processes of the body by clearing energy blockages and allowing the free flow of energy so that the body’s natural Yin and Yang balance can be restored. The acupuncturist will identify blockages as well as meridian points to be treated in a patient. The meridians, of which there are more than 2 000 in the body, are linked to certain organs or body systems, and once the energy flow is unblocked in these vital points, the particular organ can once again start functioning properly. The whole body is brought back to normal balance.

The Needles Trigger the Release of Endorphins
Acupuncture requires a number of treatments with most treatment courses being made up of 10-15 sessions. The treatment will involve an assessment of the patient’s condition, along with advice on care. The patient lies down face-up or face-down or on their side, depending on where the needless are going to be inserted. Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin, fine sterile stainless-steel needles of different sizes through the patient’s skin at specific energy points on the body in order to reach the meridian pathways. The needles trigger the release of endorphins, which are the body’s own natural pain killers.

Possessing tremendous therapeutic benefits, an acupuncture session typically lasts about an hour and promises not to be painful. Patients should be warned that in some instances the patient’s symptoms may feel temporarily worse  after the first few treatments, but then the healing starts. The patient may experience increased bowel or urinary activity for instance or even a change in sleeping patterns but this is a positive sign that the body is beginning to readjust to the clearer flow of energy through the meridian channels.

The Animal Kingdom is also Beginning to Benefit
Because of its effectiveness, acupuncture is starting to make inroads into the animal kingdom as well, and veterinary surgeons are starting to use a combination of traditional therapies along with acupuncture to treat a range of illnesses and conditions with animals. Certain breeds of dogs suffer with hip and back pain and some vets now offer acupuncture treatments. Animal’s can’t tell you what relief they experience, but you can actually see the difference, with dogs and horses frisking about like young puppies and foals. This treatment has saved many people from having to put their beloved pets down.

Emotional and Psychological Well-being Achieved
Complementary medicine like acupuncture describes certain approaches to healing which differs from conventional medicine and which is growing at a rate in popularity because of the tremendous emotional and psychological well-being of the patient afterwards.

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