Massage Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

Leigh recently completed a course using osteopathic and myofascial release techniques for the neck, shoulders and arms. The techniques taught followed basic osteopathic principles, including gentle cranial-sacral release to address restrictions of the bones, muscles, nerves, fascia and blood vessels. Osteopathy: The Roots of Craniosacral Therapy Osteopathy was founded in

Manual Lymph Drainage- What is it?

You may have heard of Manual Lymph Drainage, or MLD. But what is it exactly, and what is it for? How is it different from regular massage? Our Lymphatic System Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is type of massage that targets the body’s lymphatic system, our body’s circulatory system for cleaning waste

5 Most Important Benefits of Massage

Massage is an alternative therapy that is vital in providing relief from many emotional and physical ailments with the benefit of using no medical intervention or drugs. An example is where massage can be offered to sports professionals to ease pain in their joints and ease muscle tightness. On the

How Frequently Should You Be Getting a Massage?

Many people often ask themselves this question, as how often should they get a massage? The answer is rather simple, as often as you can afford the money and the time. However, there are some other things to put into considerations before making any decision to visit the massage parlor.

Golfing Again Thanks to Massage

Bob came in complaining about back pain that started in his lower back and radiated down his legs. At 63 years old, Bob's pain was so acute he was forced to give up golf; a game he loved and had hoped to spend his retirement enjoying. Bob told me he had difficulty sleeping and was taking medication every day to deal with the pain. In the past Bob had had neck surgery and back surgery on two separate occasions in an attempt to resolve his back problems but nothing had helped. Read more...

Athlete No Longer Sidelined Thanks to Massage

Pam is a fit woman who came to our clinic complaining of severe hip pain that traveled through her left buttock, into her hip, and down the back of her leg (often termed "sciatica"). The pain began after a skiing accident in the fall and although she’d tried physiotherapy and chiropractic for three months, she experienced little to no relief. She also reported trouble sitting, sleeping and enjoying activities she once loved, including running. Read more...