Effective Acupuncture Treatment for Migraines

Migraine is a type of headache that occurs repetitively on both sides or one side of the head. This pain is throbbing and stabbing that leaves many people debilitating , the mechanism of migraine can be explained to the cellular level. Changes in cellular activities results in triggering the release of chemicals and blood flow into the surrounding tissues and the brain .According to a recent research a rough estimate of about twenty eight million Americans suffers from migraines annually. Many people have looked for medications for the migraines but most are not effective when compared to acupuncture. Some of the causes of migraines include
– Changes in sleep-wake cycles this causes an imbalance in the brain chemicals mostly melatonin and cortisol will cause headache or migraine.
– Artificial light- this can be television or computer light which reduces the amount of melatonin secreted in the brain .
– Others include missing meals, certain perfumes , medications , certain birth pills, dehydration , excess noise just to name a few.
Acupuncture has shown immense results in its effectiveness in treating migraines and at Kelowna Acupuncture, the exquisite service offered will ensure that you get relief from the migraines. Some of the steps to acupuncture treatment include
-Finding an acupuncturist
Acupuncture is a medical field that requires comprehensive education and experience. An acupuncturist should have completed a three-year study on acupuncture and received a certification from the relevant health bodies or organizations. At Kelowna acupuncture, the practitioners are certified and have relevant certificates from the national commission for the certification of acupuncturists. It is important to go through all the acupuncturists in your region before making any choice as this is crucial to get the best services , Kelowna acupuncture assures you of the best services in the industry.
At Kelowna acupuncture , the specialist stimulates points located on the skin surface or near the skin surface which are essential in alteration of the physiological and biochemical conditions in the body. They use tiny needles which are placed along the arms, legs, toes and shoulders this relaxes the patient some of them even sleep. There is less pain associated with the process, treatment varies from patient to patient some patients require a few sessions while others require more depending on the extent of the pain and duration since it started. According to many patient testimonials who have been treated at the center, acupuncture is the most effective way to treat migraines as per the feedbacks.
The practitioners in at Kelowna acupuncture are good at their work that most patients have recorded less or no pain after a session with them. This highlights the essence of looking for the best acupuncturist and receiving the best services. Some of the potential symptoms include mild disorientation or deep relaxation after the first treatment sessions however, the experts ensure that the symptoms are quenched and you are in a cool and relaxed state. The first important step is to make a visit or schedule a visit with them and you are guaranteed of exquisite services.

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