How many treatments do I need?

Acupuncture typically takes a series of treatments to get the best results. It is rare for any acupuncturist to be able to resolve a problem in one treatment. The number of treatments you will need depends on the nature of your problem as well as your overall health, your age, and how you respond to acupuncture. The longer a problem has been present, usually the more treatments it takes to resolve the problem. A general rule of thumb is for problems older than one year, it usually takes at least 10 treatments to resolve the problem. Acute problems typically take fewer treatments, ranging anywhere from 3-10 treatments on average.

Our New Patient Special is designed to get you acquainted with acupuncture and give you a sense of how acupuncture works but 3 treatments often may not fully resolve a problem. As a general guideline, if after 3 treatments your condition is not fully resolved, consider continuing with acupuncture treatments for best results. Stopping care early can disrupt the progress you have already achieved or cause the condition to regress or return to its original state.

Treatments are done on a weekly basis, usually twice a week for the first two to three weeks, and once a week thereafter. Once the condition has been controlled and you are symptom-free, the treatments are done less frequently. The goal with reducing frequency is to provide as few treatments as possible while maintaining gains.

Even though you may no longer be experiencing symptoms, continuing treatment can help you to further strengthen, build and support your body in order to prevent future problems of the same nature. Acupuncture enables your body’s own healing processes and the goal is to allow your body to regain a balanced state so that it is able to maintain its own health and you are not dependent on any treatment.


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