June Client Event: Small Plot Organic Gardening

Calling all gardening enthusiasts! If you enjoy vegetable gardening, we’ve got the workshop for you! Learn how and when to plant a variety of greens, fruits and vegetables, for a healthy and beautiful garden that bursts with flavourful produce!

Grow Your Garden With Organic and Water-Saving Techniques

In this workshop we will be teaming up with Elana of Growing Inspired, who specializes in organic gardening and permaculture concepts. This 2 hour class will cover the basics of soil health based on recent soil science, mulching, composting, and watering techniques that use less water. Learn how to grow vegetables and greens using organic and natural methods and to get the most out of a small garden plot.

Organic Gardening

Planting for Late Fall and Winter Harvests

We will also review which vegetable varieties to plant, and how to use cold-frames for an extended harvest season that lasts well into winter. Elana will be demonstrating how to make a beautiful, edible garden with year-round interest, while covering a variety of techniques for growing the most produce in a small area.

This free 2-hour workshop is open to all of our clients past and present and will be taking place on Saturday, June 21 from 2-4 pm.

We’ve got space for 30 people, so if you are interested in attending, please get in touch with us to reserve your spot! We’d love to see you there!

About Growing Inspired

At Growing Inspired, Elana takes a holistic, permaculture approach to her classes and to her teaching. She emphasizes the  interconnectedness between the health of our soil, the nutrients in our produce, and the health of our bodies.

Growing Inspired Logo

Growing Inspired offers a variety of gardening classes such as Designing and Edible Garden, Container Gardening and Permaculture Gardening, and a wide range of healthy cooking classes featuring seasonal produce including Authentic Italian One-Pot Meals, Whole Foods Cooking, Aromatic Indian Cuisine, and Gluten Free Baking with Sugar Alternatives.

Elana’s classes always focus on local and organic produce and sustainable, environmentally conscious approach to gardening and eating.

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