May Client Event: Healthy Dinner Ideas

Do you struggle to find dinner ideas that are healthful, hassle-free and satisfying? If you are looking for delicious, health promoting recipes like the ones featured in our May cooking class, check out the recipe page on the InspireHealth website.

Our diet is the foundation of good health and in Chinese medicine, it is considered the first line of defence in treating and preventing disease. As Hippocrates said in the famous quote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

What’s for Dinner? Healthy, Nutritious Meal Ideas

May Client Event Healthy Dinners

In our May workshop, holistic nutritionist Selena DeVries of InspireHealth demonstrated delicious meal ideas featuring foods known for their health-promoting properties.

Top 6 Tips from Our Healthy Dinners Workshop

  1. Cook with legumes! They are naturally rich in proten, contain low-glycemic index carbs (great for diabetics), and are one of the highest fibre foods you can eat, not to mention all of the nutrients and antioxidants they contain!
  2. Soak beans and legumes overnight to make them more digestible and to make the nutrients in them more accessible to us.
  3. When cooking beans, add salt or acidic ingredients at the end of the cooking process or they will prevent the beans from softening.
  4. If cooking with oil, choose monounsaturated fats as they are more stable at higher temperatures than polyunsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats include olive oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil and canola oil. Don’t heat them past 350 / medium on your stovetop as they start to break down on higher heats than this.
  5. Make ginger easier to peel and chop by storing it in the freezer! Just pull it out of the freezer when you need it and put it back in when you are done.
  6. Using kale raw in a salad or recipe? Toss the kale in a bowl, sprinkle it with salt and massage it with your hands to reduce the bitterness and make it less tough.


Selena had us all salivating as she prepared a globally-inspired menu that included a simple red lentil curry, a Mexican yam, black bean and quinoa salad, and a Mediterranean chickpea salad with fresh herbs.

Selena also included a ton of great cooking tips, from quickly deveining kale to what cooking temperatures to use for oils, to how to soak and prepare beans to best aid digestion.

The best part was sampling all of the recipes at the end! We are looking forward to hearing how everyone makes out with these recipes at home!

About InspireHealth

We were excited to once again be teaming up with our neighbours at InspireHealth, a non-profit integrated cancer care centre providing clinical services, lifestyle programs, nutrition and exercise classes, and support for cancer patients and their caregivers.

A cancer diagnosis is frightening and the team at InspireHealth is there to help you navigate the journey and provide education and support that will help empower you to make decisions about your health. Growing scientific evidence confirms that stress reduction, healthy eating, exercise, and a positive support network can substantially improve your quality of life. It can also optimize cancer recovery and survival, while reducing the risk of recurrence. InspireHealth’s team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, clinical counsellors, and exercise therapists are there to work with you to optimize your outcome.

Interested in InspireHealth’s Programs?


Membership is open to anyone with a current or past cancer diagnosis as well as anyone in their support network. InspireHealth also offers an online program that is open to everyone and can be accessed from anywhere in Canada. The LIFE Webinar Series is a cancer care education program that educates you on powerful ways to prevent cancer, alleviate symptoms of cancer treatment, reduce the likelihood of recurrence, and optimize your body’s healing potential. Four live weekly sessions are provided in a convenient online format in which you can ask questions to a health practitioner. You can learn more by clicking here.

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