November Client Event: Artisan Baking

As you may know, November 2013 marks the 5th anniversary of the clinic under James’ ownership. As a special thank you, we are holding client appreciation events on various topics, some health-related, some just for fun.

These events are FREE to our clients and to your friends and family, as a way for us to say thank you for all of your kindness and support!

Artisan Bread Baking with Okanagan Grocery

Artisan Bread Workshop

Our first client event was an Artisan Bread Workshop at Okanagan Grocery Bakeshop on November 23. It was a blast!

Learning the Secrets of Artisan Bread Baking

We arrived to individual work stations set up with bowls, utensils, ingredients and instructions. Monika, owner of Okanagan Grocery and baker extrordinaire, demonstrated and explained each step of the sourdough process, then we all got our hands doughy with our own ingredients to get a feeling for what the dough should look and feel like.

In between mixing and kneading, Monika also demonstrated how to make croissants using sourdough starter, including tips for getting the crescent shape, and for making them ahead of time to save us from getting up ridiculously early to have them ready for a weekend breakfast.

Sourdough for Healthy Digestion

Monika was an incredible host with a wealth of knowledge on bread baking. She is very passionate about traditional bread baking techniques and an advocate for baking bread at home. She also gave us fascinating information about the sourdough process: the long, slow process of sourdough fermentation predigests the bread and breaks down the gluten molecules- much like turning milk into yogurt- making it much more digestible for people with gluten sensitivities.

Mid-way through we had a lovely coffee (and tea) break with croissants fresh from the oven. Incredible! Then it was on to slashing our loaves and baking them into the oven. At the end of the class, we all went home with a fresh loaf.

Of course they got devoured as soon as we got home… nothing but the crumbs left, and some new skills to try in the kitchen!

Thanks to everyone who came out, and to Monika for the wonderful experience!


More on sourdough and gluten sensitivity in the news: Sourdough breadmaking cuts gluten content


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