October Client Event: Eating for Optimal Health

Most of us need help navigating the conflicting health messages that we are bombarded with. Are carbs good or bad? Should we eat organic or conventional? Healthy eating isn’t always straightforward.

If we do know what to eat, how do we fit “healthy eating” into our already hectic schedules? We need time-saving advice to make those habits a reality.

Food as Medicine: The Building Blocks for Optimal Health

Eating for Optimal Health

Do any of these sound like you:

  • You have the best intentions to live a healthy lifestyle, but find that your busy schedule makes it next to impossible for it to happen day after day?
  • You have been diagnosed with a health condition and wonder what you need to do to get your health back on track?
  • You have easily fallen into the groove of healthy eating, only to find yourself soon “falling off the bandwagon” and struggle to get back on?

No matter what area you may struggle with, Selena Devries, Registered Deititian, will provide you with foundational principles, take home strategies and a delicious recipe that will kick start your journey to optimal health! Be sure to join us for this free, informative workshop on Saturday, October 4.

This workshop will focus on:

  • The Fullness Formula: What components should be on your plate and in what amounts
  • Quality Foods and Our Health: How food is raised or grown and how it can impact our


  • Putting Optimal Eating Into Practice: How to set yourself up for success

Join us for this fun, educational workshop and walk away knowing how to prevent disease with your fork!

This free 1.5-hour workshop is open to all of our clients past and present and will be taking place on Saturday, October 4 from 1:30-3:00 pm. We’d love to see you there!

Interested in attending? RSVP by phone, email, or in person by September 25!

Selena will also be offering a follow up workshop series on healthy eating.

  • Nutrition Label Reading 101
  • Foundational Food Skills: Meal Planning Like a Pro

  • Cooking Class – Streamline Kitchen Time: 1 recipe, 8 meals!

Learn more about Selena and her workshop offerings at www.healthbean.ca.

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