Spring TCM Recommendations

Spring is the time of birth, when the earth’s energies begin to awaken and we see the signs of new growth around us. Yang influences are being reborn in nature and in the body and as a result our energy becomes more active and begins to ascend.

Develop Balance and Express Emotions

Spring is the best time of year to develop balance. Emotionally, spring awakens desire, which should be open and unsuppressed. Because the yang qi of the liver is pushing upward and outward, it is common to feel and express anger in spring.

Increase Exercise and Time Outdoors

In exercise and activity, it is a good idea to take brisk walks and hikes to loosen the tendons and use the yang energy that is rising. We should begin to increase our exercise, with more stretching.  Begin to rise earlier and retire early, and spend time outside to get fresh air. Wear loose clothing.

Springtime Diet

Food in spring should emphasize the sweet and pungent flavours, for their rising and expansive qualities. Avoid excess salt, ts strong descending nature is opposite to the energies of spring. The diet should be light in amount and concentration, emphasizing young plants like greens and sprouts, as these foods cleanse the body of the effects of the heavier foods of winter.  Springtime diet should be the lightest of the year.

Stay in Tune with the Seasons

By eating fresh, light foods and emphasizing vegetables in our spring diet (vegetables are natural detoxifiers) and by getting brisk exercise and fresh air, we can ensure our habits are in harmony with the seasons. Chinese medicine emphasizes harmony with the seasons as a way to promote health and longevity, boost the immune system, and to prevent or minimize seasonal ailments.

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