What are tune up or maintenance treatments?

Our bodies are in a constant state of change. Sometimes small problems can develop, and if left unchecked, over time they can become major concerns or leave you susceptible to injury. Just as your dentist recommends periodic checkups to help detect tooth decay before it leads to serious problems, regular acupuncture checkups can help identify and correct small problems before they become bigger ones. This is the idea behind maintenance or “tune-up” treatments, which are periodic treatments to help maintain good health. Visits may be monthly, every other month, or seasonally.

For example, someone with a history of a “bad back” may consider returning once every month or few months for acupuncture to keep the back strong and help prevent re-injury. Another patient going through menopause may come every so few months or so for a series of treatments when she is experiencing symptoms and feels her body needs some rebalancing.

In the interest of your own best health, we encourage our patients to be proactive about wellness. If you feel that something is out of balance, address the problem however you feel is appropriate- whether through acupuncture, other therapies, exercise, or lifestyle changes. Tuning into our bodies in this way can help us to become aware of problems as they first develop, and resolve them early so that they do not develop into bigger problems down the road.

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