What is Acupuncture?

What is acupuncture anyway? This is a question we get a lot! Acupuncture is simply the insertion of fine, sterile, disposable needles into muscles or tissues. Nothing is injected into the skin nor are the acupuncture needles coated with anything. Acupuncturists use the placement of the needles to influence the flow of energy, stimulate the body’s healing response, and restore normal functions of the body.

Acupuncture is based on the premise that our bodies have a self-healing ability- acupuncture reminds the body of what it already knows but has forgotten: how to heal itself.

What is acupuncture doing?

The placement of the acupuncture needles stimulates healing and improves the body’s functions. The needles have different effects on the body depending on where an acupuncturist puts them:

  • Stimulating a muscle to release when it’s in a contracted state. We call these motor points (physiotherapists that use this technique refer to it as IMS).
  • Stimulating a particular organ or area of the body to engage the body’s healing mechanisms.
  • Stimulating an organ or area of the body to function better (such as if your stomach is doing a poor job of digesting).
  • Stimulating circulation of blood and energy to a specific area, to bring adequate nourishment to the site so it can heal.

Acupuncture: an ancient method for healing

Acupuncture is part of a healing system called Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years and uses acupuncture, herbal medicine, and diet and exercise to treat a problem.

Used for thousands of years to treat everything from pain and sports injuries to internal problems like insomnia, headaches, allergies, digestive problems, and menopause, acupuncture is receiving wide acceptance as a respected, valid, and effective form of health care because of one fact- it works!

Okanagan Acupuncture Centre is located downtown Kelowna at 1625 Ellis St.

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