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Chinese herbs

Confused about which herbs to take? Ask a Chinese medicine herbalist.

Maybe you take cinnamon for blood sugar and ginseng for memory. You’ve read that black cohosh and dang kui are great for hormone balancing. It’s common for people to take a variety of herbs and supplements that they’ve picked up from the pharmacy or health food store.

What we may not realize is that different herbs and supplements don’t always work well in combination with each other. One herb may counteract the effectiveness of another herb, or two herbs may have opposite effects on the body.

To further complicate matters, herbs react differently according to our individual internal environment. A  herb may benefit one person, but have zero effect or even a negative effect on another person taking it for the same problem.  How do we know where to start?

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Herbal formulas as unique as you are.

What if your herbs were catered to your symptoms and your unique person? A Chinese medicine (TCM) herbalist is a lot like a chef. Like baking a cake, a TCM herbalist combines a variety of individual herbs to create a recipe that’s just right for the occasion.

In the way that yeast reacts with water and sugar to make bread, different herbs in a formula balance each other and increase the effectiveness and safety of each individual herb. The recipe is unique to you, taking into account which herbs will work best for your body.

Our practitioners select the herbs to get the best results for your symptoms by taking into account:

  • Herbs that effectively treat the underlying cause of the symptoms or conditions you are experiencing
  • Herbs that work best for your body and unique constitution
  • Herbs that work well together, boosting the effects of a herb or countering negative side effects
  • Herb drug interactions to avoid complications or side effects

We then select a formula that will treat your symptoms effectively and do so safely and with minimal side effects because it is tailored to you. This is the beauty of Chinese herbal medicine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry a specific herb I am looking for?

Chinese herbs work best in combination, and herbs are rarely prescribed individually. For this reason, we do not sell individual Chinese herbs, rather we offer formulated herbal combinations catered to your individual, specific symptoms.

We would be happy to recommend an herbal formula for you! After completing an assessment of your symptoms and constitution, our practitioners will find the right formula for you. Please contact us for an appointment.

What forms of herbs do you carry?

We offer high quality Chinese herbs in tablet, powdered, or tincture form.  Traditionally, Chinese herbs are purchased raw and prepared as a tea at home. Most people today find tablet form the most convenient form while still benefiting from the therapeutic properties of the herbs.

How safe are Chinese herbs?

Our Chinese herbal formulas are from trusted companies that perform strict testing to ensure both the quality and strength of the herbs, as well as the absence of contaminants such as pesticides or heavy metals.  Herbs are also inspected by Canadian Government agencies. You can feel confident in the safety and quality of our formulas.

Do Chinese herbs have negative side effects?

In general, herbal medicine is quite safe with minimal side effects when properly prescribed. The most common negative side effects can be gastrointestinal disturbances such as indigestion or loose stools. With your feedback, our practitioners will monitor your response and adjust the herbal formula as needed.

Ideally, when the right formula is prescribed, you should not experience negative side effects. This is why working with a TCM herbalist is so important!

Can I take Chinese herbs with other supplements or prescriptions?

Certain supplements, medications, and herbs can interact with each other. Our practitioners take into consideration any risk of herb interactions with supplements or medications when recommending Chinese herbs and will advise you accordingly. We make sure that you are taking herbs safely and appropriately.

Our TCM herbalists have trained in the study of individual herbs and their properties, as well as the safe combining of herbs to create effective, personalized formulas. We know how to safely administer herbs to patients taking other medications in order to prevent any negative drug-herb interactions.

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